Friday, June 20, 2008

House Caves on FISA

By Farol

The House just passed the Hoyer/Bush FISA "compromise" bill by a whopping 293-129.

Since this bill is a clear violation not only of the Fourth Amendment, but of the whole principle of equality under the law, I expect to see some real outrage on the part of all the visible "good liberals" out there. How about it, Obama? What about a rousing speech on the Senate floor decrying the violation of the Constitution, plus a vow to block this legislation with a filibuster? How about you, Frank Rich? Surely you're going to use your influential voice to incite your readers to mobilize on this issue?

All kidding aside, it's worth noting that the people who called in to C-Span as I was watching the House vote on this were almost all infuriated and saddened in equal measure. The disconnect between the words of these angry citizens and the spectacle taking place on the screen was shocking. (One woman reported that her representative's office hung up on her). It was enough to make you feel that democracy in this country is dead and buried.

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